Three generations of experience

The implementation of the idea of Thomas Koutroukis started in 1932, having foreseen the manufacture of rubber parts as a great business opportunity. Initially he concentrated his efforts in providing solutions mainly in the footwear industry, area in which he was actively involved for many years.

Dimitrios Koutroukis, the oldest son of the family, took over the management of the company in 1955, turning the page over. After various engagement stages around the rubber product manufacturing, he expanded the capabilities of the factory to produce all kinds of rubber structures and managed to quickly establish the company as one among the leading manufacturers of rubber accessories in Northern Greece.

The story of the family business continues in 2002 when George Koutroukis succeeded Dimitrios. George- the third generation to manage this business – is determined to successfully continue the tradition of his predecessors and to provide high quality services, solutions to satisfy the market demand and customer needs in the area of rubber accessories.

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